The Acceptance

Hey guys!! Today’s entry will be about the shits that happened post-breakup period 😦


It was in a haywire. I just don’t know how to explain, but I couldn’t think straight. I still tried to fight back for her when I know there isn’t any chance left. The fact that I couldn’t have her anymore sunk my heart deeper than the titanic *sobs *. I guess mainly because I tried soooo hard to have it go my way and expect it to be , things just took a turn and everything just went against me which is really sudden. And I wasn’t expecting the worst. It took me a while to stop myself from trying anymore. I guess it’s time to just stop.


I don’t know if my feelings and my head does relate but damn I was on a fluctuations of different levels. There’ll be days where I’ll hate her for leaving me and then there are days where I’ll miss her so much and everything about her. Eventually, I let my feelings get the best of me and I fell into not-so-serious-serious depression. Life was really bleak and I walked around with a smile just to hide the fact that I’m scarred inside.


TBH my body reacted the way I didn’t want it to. I lost so much weight and lost my appetite too. Which sucks.

I remember clearly that I listened to a breakup album on Spotify for legit a month 😦 Call me a crazy ex but I still keep our old photos together hahahahais. It’s just too heavy of a blessing and memory to let go just like that.

I’m doing fine now; I guess. Although thinking about my ex and my grandmother every now and then hurts my weak little heart 😦 I still love them and miss them so much.


I guess that’s the end for my entry today, I’ll definitely be writing more for the next entry. Thanks for reading this one! Much love xoxo


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