Ola! I know it has been a few days since I updated this lmao well I’ve been busy and super tired with my gym stuff and what not so anyways let’s get straight to it! 😀

This entry is about new doors opening after the older ones were shut in other words new opportunities arise all with the help of the Almighty.


Just when I thought I had hit the lowest point in my life, this ray of hope came out from the darkness. I was informed that I was selected to represent the school in the POL-ITE Games!!! It was a major uplifting for me after what I’ve gone through.

On a side note, the passing of my grandmother and the leaving of my then girlfriend just had to happen a month before the first game of the season.

Back to the topic, I was hoping none of it all would happen. If my grandmother was still around, I’ll be coming home to her asking how my game was etc etc. She has never watched me play though. She has only seen me and my injuries from the game, coming home with crutches and casts. On the other hand, my girlfriend has also never watched my games. Although I really wanted her to, bcuz you know, ‘you gotta support your man’ LMAO. But yeah. Both of them are my pillars of strength. Basically my family and my friends are. But when a part of that pillar is missing, you’ll have a weak foundation and your building will be shaky. You feel me?


That’s what I play in XV rugby and that’s what my girlfriend told me waaaay before the breakup. Anyways, I was given the jersey ’21’ which was dope and the second scrumhalf of the team. Donning the jersey was one thing. To actually be playing on the field against other Polytechnics was another. I’ve been missing out on competitive school rugby for some time and last year was my breakthrough year. I enjoyed every minute of game time I was given be it as a substitute or a starting player. But I feel as though someone is not in the spectator stands watching me play. Like yknow your mates brought along their missus to cheer them on but I have no one. So I kinda feel hollow inside. But it’s all good because I had friends from secondary school coming over to watch me play so that’s great.

SO THAT’S ITTTTT. I’m really really tired these few days IDKY but I hope ya’ll get where I’m coming from in this entry. I’ll try my best to update again tomorrow!! But thank you SOOOO MUCH for reading my blog 🙂 It’s nice. Have a rocker of a weekend !!


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