HELLO EVERYONE! It’s been sooooo long since I’ve posted something up here. I’ve been really busy with life and rugby and life heheh. Apparently great things are cooking up! 

Anyways, this entry will just be about something that’s been bothering me for some time and I wanna let it out!!!!! :<

– I think you guys should know that I was broken before. That feeling is super shitty af is2g. I put my heart and soul to something I thought that would last till forever but NOOOOOO. It’s like the person who left you just wanted your presence temporarily and wants you to leave once he/she get what they want from you. Sad right? I know. Been there, done that. 

Anywho……. recently I was thinking. If I could convince myself that relationships right now aren’t a waste of time because I went out with this girl and asked myself if I can commit 24/7 to it. I feel like somewhere somehow she’s gonna leave me hanging when everything is going smoothly. And I’m also afraid if she’s gonna use me to get things and stuff. 

i don’t wanna do this anymore. 


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